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Studies to become successful laboratorians is not cheap, especially today with rising tuition costs and dwindling and more competitive scholarship opportunities.  Although there are a variety of scholarships available, here we feature those that are directed specifically towards those pursuing studies in the medical laboratory.

You may have remembered the KSCLS and ASCLS scholarships held a prominent spot here in the last iteration of this page, they certainly still exist, however while we are revamping the site, they will be left off until their newest and most current application forms are announced and made public, at which point they will be promptly returned here.


LabRoots Fall 2017 Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: $2000

Eligibility: Undergraduate or Graduate Student

Application Deadline: November 30, 2017

Application and More Information: Website

Comments: LabRoots is a yearly exhibitor at the ASCLS Annual Meeting and Exposition.  They are probably best known for giving out T-shirts at the expo, but also host a website which does a good job at featuring webinars, virtual conferences, and aggregating scientific news.