Do not let the sparsity of this section fool you, laboratorians do know how to have fun.  If you have a joke, a picture, a meme, or some other laboratory based media that you think might put a smile on or brighten the day of someone else, please submit them to KSCLS@KSCLS.com.  Please keep your submissions appropriate and have a little fun.


Recent Submissions

Our inaugural entry comes from Nicholas Yu, in his own words:

“I hope this simple three panel comic will set that first bar so low that our KSCLS members know that there is no joke, too terrible; pun, too eye rolling; nor humorous observation, too obvious, that they cannot submit them, for all of us to appreciate.

I would also like to stress that the interchange between my two characters does not occur within the laboratory, so there are no violations of regulations, CAP or otherwise, that may lead you to have concern for the two.”